History of the east : WW2, 1941-1945

I wanted to show you some very interesting videos about WW2 (world war 2) which i discovered in youtube.

these series of videos relate all of the major events in the east in WW2 The particularity is that the author created an interactive map witch show us in detail what happened (an what they don’t show us in school) , the quality is awesome!

Why this is important ?

Although this will not help you make more money :

  • If we want to be expatriated in the east, it’s very important to know about history over there.
  • videos are in english, this is a good opportunity to practice listening.

here are the videos :

Here is the youtube channel with a lot of other interesting videos :

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Hello Hafinium,

I knew this YouTube channel for 2 years, and this is very interested about the evolution of the WW2 East Front. Many videos are excellent on the topic of WW2, I recommend the channel OverSimplified, who treat events of history with fun, I don’t know if you know it, but I love his content.

thanks you !

yes, in english there are a lot of youtube channel about history and WW2 like oversimplified :

the best is WW2 in real time : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1AejCL4DA7jYkZAELRhHQ

but there are lot of others :

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I didn’t know about the existence of these channels, thanks a lot !