History isn't same but we live similarities with the Third German Reich

When you look history with a critical regard, it is normal to definite it like past. You right if you think that. However, each era has similarities between them.

Today, I became aware about the situation in the Occident, just by watching a movie. (The List of Schindler)

Of course, we live in a period who is unique.

But the hour is serious. Why ?

Because our civilization, our countries, our quotidian, have similarities with the darkest period in our history.

This may sound crazy. Nevertheless, all elements are here and our persecutors we were Nazis, are today the society which includes all “right-thinking”.

Indeed, before the setting up of the gas chambers, Nazis “gently” persecuted the great evil of these time, the Jude. In our time, elite and people think more and more, than this great evil is the White people.

At the beginning, it’s just a boycott of their stores. (spoiler : it’s happening).

Then, you know the story… Ghetto… Camps… Gas… Smoke

This lunchtime, I watch a movie on the people who don’t leave their country in the time. ( spoiler : he didn’t have a choice between leave or stay.)

The survivors are those are expatriated in the United States or those who have gone far enough to avoid the madness of the unique thought.

Nazis are the equal of these elites. We are the resistance, and the real legacy of France.

If you don’t do it for your country, do it for yourself.

PS : You can make a comment to deep this point of view or contesting it.


it looks a bit alike indeed, except that now the confrontation is not racial but economic, a lot of “woke” complain about white middle class men, to justify the cheap and under qualified African labor.

The primary interest is the US economic war against China, spoiler alert: China has already won.

The old sick leaders do not see the world as humans but as numbers, it is a big chess game for them, and it is intolerable to lose, even if it means sacrificing hundreds of thousands of their own people.

In reality the French resistance could be easy, but the people are too proud and stubborn. No community or fraternity …

[also they are consumerist slaves (conscious and unconscious)]

it doesn’t help either

Their money is more important than their brother.


I disagree with you because the context was economic too. We are after the crisis of 1929 and after the First World War. We have to create the guilty of all these issues. Yesterday was Jews, today are whites mans worker and cis gender

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It is incomparable.

The anti-white propaganda is in fact the opposite of that which has been directed at the Jews.

Whites are builders, not Jews.

Insidious propaganda makes it clear, white people are assholes and slavers, what does it mean?

The white man reflects power. The power to build the world.

In reality, the forces that are in place are intended for the slaves of globalization.

White people don’t give a fuck about consumerism! Consumerists are African or Western mental slaves.

Who are affected? The slaves. Who are the biggest salaries in the world? 99% white.

I think very few people have understood what is happening.

In fact the white slaves keep themselves on a leash by themselves, without masters.

There is propaganda, yes, but you can’t compare it to the Jews because the whites can come back to a state of power immediately if they want to.

White hands are gold. (that’s why everyone uses white as a springboard)

I say that because many realize it after having driven out the whites (old colonies for example) they returned to their primitive state.

it’s a kind of adolescent crisis, the lion cub having fun challenging the lion … Africans are children … all of them

The white will never be exterminated like the Jews.


Sorry to be harsh but this comparison is bullshit.

You guys should read Mein Kampf. It gives a good understanding of what was happening back then and what lead to WW2.

If any comparison should be made, I’d say “woke” people are the new jews and they are playing a dangerous game with white people.


That’s a very bad comparison, stop victimizing yourself. The right comparison, I think, would be the tension between the Optimates and the Populares in the Republic of Rome -200 B.C. (oligarchy and populism in the usa right now, that spreads everywhere), with the deterioration of society in the background.

Here is a citation of Polybe, a great thinker of that time, that will remind you of something I’m sure : "Greece suffers from a stoppage of procreation and a dearth of food such that the cities are depopulated. It is because people today, loving opulence, money and laziness above all, do not want to marry anymore, or if they are married, to raise a family. It is at most if they consent to have one or two children in order to leave them rich and feed them in luxury. ".

If we continue with this parallelism, we have yet to see the Empire and a new Constantin. I highly recommend looking at Philippe Fabry show on Radio Athena to know more about Historionomy (it’s in french) : Le RDV de l'Histoire en mouvement - YouTube



effort is appreciated, but the level of this analysis is laughable, at best. It’s Carano-esque.

Look up Weimar Republic.

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You should read woke propaganda, a team of scientists put Meim Kempf quotes, remove jew for white male, and it was publish in sociology “scientific” journal.

We are just at the beginning of a genocidal process. The only difference is that our enemy are a motley coalition who will be unable to build anything efficient and durable. Anyway they will destroy westerns countries for sure. That’s why we are here, to escape, survive and hope our grandchildren will retake our lands and thrones.

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