Here is what to do if you are still in middle or high school!

Hi guys,

I see lot you who are in middle school or in high school.

We all know that school are shit.

We aren’t learning anything useful for our future life and we are just wasting our precious time. Time which are not allocated to growth our projects

My advise : you can do “school” in your house and escape the jail by using CNED : Ma classe à la maison - CNED

You will have more free time to advance in your projects, and it will force you to find you good method of organization (like power Day)

Courses are pretty easy although you have still to work, but I think you can finish it 2-3 or 5 times faster than in standard school.

But keep in mind that, this is not a simple decision. you’ll be alone and this is not easy to bear as It was for me, but it was still a nice decision !