Happy Halloween!

:wave: Hello DBL!

I know it’s completely out of nowhere, but this is Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

:lollipop::candy: Even though we are too old to participate in the trick-or-treating event and have free candy, it is not a legitimate reason to not enjoy the vibes of this spooky holiday.

:ghost: There are plenty mysteries and legends associated to this particular day.

I decided to show my techie way to commemorate the October 31st.

:computer: By the way, October is also the month of security awareness. Be careful of your data!

:black_circle:Operating System: Debian 9 (Linux) :orange_circle:Machine: Dell Laptop Inspiron Mini 10 (dinosaur :sauropod:) :purple_circle:Used some Bash scripts

Best regards all.


I Love the skull shape bottle :+1: Happy hallo to you viktoria ! I preparing myself for a big halloween party tonight but still don’t find my costume…Do you have an original idea ?

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Indeed, this skull shaped bottle is amazing (originally, there was vodka in it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:). Thank you so much, @STARK_G5! Oh, that’s very cool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Hmmm… An original idea for me: to dress like a Vampire Count (Dracula), Michael Meyers (the serial killer in the classic Halloween movies) or like a dark cultist.

Here is an example of what is a dark cultist.

I hope it helped you!

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You are such a good advisor :wink: Finally I wear a skull mask with ram horns and a medieval axe. My costume is like…a kind of barbarian from conan! On the other hand I gave up the idea of wearing a loincloth or a kilt because it is currently 5 degrees in France :cold_face:

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Thank you :wink: It’s also a good idea. Conan universe (and books) are amazing.


Do you read books ? And especially fantastic ?

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Yes! I read mainly classic or unusual books, but no specific style. I really love Frank Frazetta drawings because it illustrates perfectly what is the good fantasy literature. And you?

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Ok lets go on private message…

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