Hand copy bestseller funnels

Good morning everyone!

After seeing the DBL episode with Emmanuel Frederich and most of all the passage with @Pass-Partout_G1, I also decided to dive into the hand copy of funnel bestsellers.

I find copywriting fascinating because of the ability it gives to an apathetic person to manipulate readers’ emotions for marketing purposes. This is maybe THE skill that fits me particularly well considering my personnality, and my guess is for some of you too.

I am currently working on infoproducts development but now I want to incorporate a state-of-the-art hand copy session into my morning rituals.

I already plan to use the following texts I have in my possession:

  • Those of Tugan





  • Those of Jean Ma

  • Those of the PM and SVE training courses

  • Letters from Gary C. Halbert


  • Doctor Harvest
  • The End Of America


  • The ASC Method

I would also like to find URLs to those of Emmanuel Fredenrich to expand my work supports.

I appeal to a large number of copywriters present in order to aggregate a maximum of the high-quality funnel so that those interested into this can develop their skills.

If you have any suggestions, including URLs that point to excellent text, the copywriting community and I would be very grateful.

Once again, I hope that this topic will be of benefit to as many people as possible.

Together, let’s take another step towards "le Surhomme" and Power.

Wishing you a productive day :muscle:




@Alexandre-PL_G3 answered this to a post written from @Pass_Muraille_G3

I know 2 texts that have sold very well on cold trafic.

Both are from Tugan

The first one is : https://opportunites-numeriques.com/amz-textuelle I’m handcopying it actually

The second is https://opportunites-numeriques.com/sh-relance

Tugan quoted them as one of his bests texts during his first public lives on youtube (he was with Romain SEO)

It completes a bit the topic.



Good idea, I have been wondering a few weeks ago if there’s a technical way (easy or not) to « extract » the whole page as a sample or model that is possible to incorporate in any funnel program (and of course edit the text, colour etc) but to be able to keep some of the design parts and parameters.

What I mean is like take these pages and import them as a model into frogtech or system.io etc.

Thanks if anyone has a clue.

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For those who are looking for Mr. Fredenrich’s text, I can share the one I’ve found : 4 aliments à ne jamais manger pour un ventre plat (nutrition-ideale.com)

While copying it, you will see that it is a great copywriting text… So great that, like he said in Tugan’s live, he « created an industry » from it.


It could be such an amazing idea you have @Pass-Partout_G1 ! Even if it’s few, I could help you and already give you web captures of some texts I wrote above.

If you need little hands to help you gather texts, feel free to ask me for some help.

By the way, thanks for your precious recommendations.



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You found such a good one! We all thank you.

I feel we’re about to create such an insane database altogether.

Team :muscle:

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Thank you for this topic.

I include this habit in my morning routine, in a few days the results are amazing.

2 advices for those who want to do it :

  • Hand copy content in english, you will improve your english level at the same time.
  • Hand copy on A4 format, do a margin on the side to note your analysis. You write a paragraph, you analyze it. Answer the question : « Which psychological mechanism / copywriting technique is present in this paragraph ? ». Note your analysis also in english to improve your expression skill.

That being said, here’s my contribution :

100 Greatest Sales Letters

Great idea, I’ve actually started hand copying daily some good sales pages since I saw the RX that Tugan made with Emmanuel, when he first mentioned this. It has already helped me quite a lot.

Here are some great sales page that I recently hand copied and that helped me improved my copywritting skills:




Some peoples say know by hearth some text can have interessant propriety maybe it could be interessant to cople that to your actuall method

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Hello Bro,

Do you have other texts from Fredenrich ? Just finished this one today.


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Hello guys, here are some Fredenrich’s texts :

https://lead.nutrition-optimale.com/version-texte-5-aliments-tab-1 http://lead.nutrition-optimale.com/transcription19989708 http://video.dangersante.com/rituel-douleurs-1-mm http://lead.nutrition-optimale.com/video-bp-1-1-texte-1

Use Internet Archive and enjoy


Thanks you for theses amazings texts.

You’re welcome


This video dosent load on internet archive, did you find a solution ? http://video.dangersante.com/rituel-douleurs-1-mm Thanks for your time

Yes I have one, Here a link for the vth bro :


Thanks !




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I want to share with you 336 sales letters from Agora Health and Financial I have found on the web :slight_smile:


All the pages are in english, but it’s a great way to learn and improve your copywriting skills :wink:


Hi there, I am pretty sure I already asked it but never got any feedback so:

Friends IT specialist or just smart guys around, is there a way to download/extract the whole funnel pages to copy or almost copy the background, the way it is build?

My aim is not to copy or steal other’s work but sometimes to save a bit of time + get the writing fonts, the design or size of this and this.

Then import it in system.io or another (so it needs to be converted or saved in a format that will be recognised by most funnel “editors softwares”

Sorry if I am a bit lacking of precision in my explanations but it is about creating some models based on beautiful funnels for example.


It’s easy to copy the CSS (copy the fonts, …) but the HTML it’s harder because HTML is either very badly written by a human or most of time written by a machine for a machine (it’s so bad-written than human can hardly understand what’s going on).

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