Gymnastics in Tallinn 🤸🏻‍♂️

Hi guys,

I live in Tallinn since August 2020.

From 8 years old to 24 years old I practiced Men’s Artistic Gymnastics at a good level !

When I arrived in Tallinn, I realized that I live near a new gymnastics hall (first in Estonia for 20+years)

Some recent pictures of me in the gymnastics hall of Tallinn (Erika võimla) : image image

I also go to a private calisthenics hall :

I have 2 questions :

  • Someone who live in Tallinn is interested to train with me ? For gymnastics or just training
  • Create a product to teach people doing gymnastics skills like handstand, backflip, swing, etc. can interest people ?

See you, Geoffrey


Hi Geof,

Do you participate in the Estonian section?

Do you come to our organized events?

I don’t recognize you, but maybe it’s just me.

It would be your best bet to find mates, not the forum where more than 95% of people are not in Tallinn.

I see you are a G4, so if you are not part of the Estonian section yet, I suggest you contact Silvio about it.

Thanks for the information Kevin.

I’m not in the Estonian section, didn’t participate in the community yet.

I will contact Silvio for this.

Hi bro,

I add your nice topic to the DBL World Map.

I hope that it will help you to find gymnastic bros.

Have a nice evening