Gun policy in Russia

Hi guys, I have a lot of questions about the firearms policy in Russia, I haven’t found a good answer. Probably it changes a lot depending on which oblast you are in. So I will be glad if people can answer my questions.

  • How easy is it to get firearms?
  • What firearms are prohibited, or more difficult to obtain?
    • Are handguns easy to get?
    • Are Ar15s prohibited in semi-autos?
    • Are automatic firearms legal?
    • What is the maximum magazine size?
    • Is it difficult to get ammunition?
  • How can I bring my European firearms to Russia? Is it possible? And is it difficult?

Thanks for your answers, this is my first post, if I made a mistake, please tell me, I will improve.


It does.

But the overarching rule is that you can’t own anything as long as you’re not a citizen (so it might take a while)

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Thank you guys, I would like to know, in the event of being a Russian citizen, what are the restrictions.

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Hello, I recommand you to take a look at this website : Russie — Contrôle des armes à feu, loi et politique You will find many valuable informations within “Réglementation sur les armes à feu” section.


Hello Yoann, I have already read this site, I have compared countries whose legislation I know, and I have the impression that the real legislation differs from the site that I find a little vague and imprecise sometimes, that’s why I wrote this post, to have an answer from someone in Russia.

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Good to know :+1: don’t trust => verify multiple sources.

I think that we are both dealing with same issues about foreign gun policies. As I plan to expatriate my family this summer carrying my firearms too. For now we chose Slovenia and also thinking about visiting Montenegro.

But I’m currently waiting for my “Carte européenne d’armes à feu”… :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Yes I remember you talking about Slovenia, I also saw that on the gunpolicy site they would have easy gun carrying. However I find it a bit strange that I never heard about it even though I live on the border. I had already in mind to get more information about Slovenia but the covid doesn’t make it easy.

The European card is a very good thing, I have it and it allowed me to settle at the Slovenian border with all my luggage, however it is a “temporary” move, the local authorities have to give you a relatively long invitation, 1 year, 2 years, and if they don’t like you nothing forces them to give you such a long invitation ahah! :joy:

However it’s already a first step, after that there are steps that exist once you have a license on the country and you can make a definitive transfer.