Guillaume_G4 / 25yo / Web developer


I’m glad to be part of this community. My presence is due to the will to change my life and stop spending it on a couch. For 3 years I live in my mother’s flat, and for more I’m overweight not deadly but enough to be ashamed. I can no more live in this situation.

I’m in a relationship by chance, and I’m proud of her. So I’m not here to know how get laid with another girl but my girlfriend. My wishes is to live in Netherlands, build a sustainable business, for my family to be happy and don’t bother with money issues.

Short term goals

  • Find a job as developer or start a business
  • Move from my city Orléans (yeah I come from here! Let me know if you’re a local)
  • Be athletic or at least lose some fat, have a better body in itself

Long term goals

  • Have a sustainable business
  • Don’t bother with money issues as I said before
  • Lives in Netherland’s countryside
  • Have a proper house
  • Build a body
  • Last but not least build a Happy Family

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Contact me for more or if you live not far from Orléans.

Have a nice Power Day :muscle:t5:

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