Google Chrome vs Safari

Hello guys
I’m actually not gonna do a comparison here.

As many of you I’m doing e-business. And for that I’m using Google Chrome.
The reason is that there are many chrome extension needed for e-business.
And as far as I remember, I don’t think online marketer use Safari very much.

But I just bought a Macbook.
Obviously I could just set up google chrome. But that’s not the point.
Can we do e-business as easily with Safari ? Do all those chrome extensions also exist for Safari ?

You’re gonna ask me why I just don’t go for Chrome on my Mac.
The reason is that I would like to use the « Password Trousseau » to register all my fuc…ng passwords :).
And I can do that only if I use Safari :frowning:


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hello !

yes for the SEO i can’t leave google, atleast for my buisness because usually i use both google and brave,

but i use the Plugin LastPass for my password , it keep your password and also generate strong one.

best regard


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