Gifle de réalisme reçue d'un très très bon pote (Sad but true, in english)

Bonsoir les frérots, désolé pour les fautes c’est écrit d’une traite

One of my best friends just finishing his studies. An excellent diploma and 1 year on experience in an excellent company in part-time studies. He finished in October and spent his whole October playing videogames.

I decided to spend time with him by explaining France’s problems and how it could be great for him to quit France for a foreign country or a French-job in easter Europe.

He said, « Yes Yes I know France is a sh*thole but there’s a job in Paris and I’m interested, I’ll find a flat here and it will be ok ».

I just asked, « How much will you earn »? He answered « 2300 euros after taxes » « Dude, » I said, you can’t find a flat under 1000-1100 euros in Paris and you know it’s France worst place. People are crazy here and you can’t live here under 3500-4500 euros".

After this argument, I showed him some videos. Corda, Delavier, Tugan, Dereeper, Kublaï, in order to find the good man that can « hit » him with his arguments. And it works!

He calls his family at the beginning of December and said « Mom, Dad, I’ll try a foreign country, 2 or 3 years ». They answered « okay but you know France is cool, your family is here and all your friends blablabla »

I kept a certain « pressure » on him sending videos and applying for online meeting with him, sometimes late at night (complicated when you wake up at 5:30 am), looking for jobs, and joking about his future life outside France.

Here’s the point. Last week he went to his family. I received a message today at 7 pm (french hour)

« I found a flat in Paris, I’ll move here on the 29th of December ». I was really really disappointed, but not really surprised. I knew that when he will visit his family they will absolutely f*ck his mind. They are in the « Find a job and shut up » schema.

One of my best friends will stay in France, it makes me a little sad but I’m happy to see that some other of my IRL friends are here now in DBL or in FDPH. I really wanted this other friend with me here, maybe it’s my ego hurting me now.

I shared this story with you because if your family wants you to stay in France, they are a part of your problem, really.

It’s the first time I realised how it can be difficult to keep behind you people that were almost ready to leave, but their umbilical cord with France isn’t cutted.

I will just remember him like a good friend, sharing years of studies and who now is « blind » and keep working to be happy where people are normal.


And I also hope this will be the last time you spend time trying to help / convince someone to leave this sh*thole that we used to call France.

If your friend is stupid enough to believe that he can have a decent life in Paris (seriously…), just stop talking to him and focus on yourself. Don’t even feel sorry or sad for him.

There is no time to waste for people who wish to DIE.

Build your own empire, develop yourself in every aspect of your life, and make sure your family stays safe.


I have a friend jobless for more than two years. He have a good allowance (he was sailor in submarine, he leave because it was too hard and boring), some savings (like 50k€).

He’s doing absolutely nothing. He was suppose to became trader but he loose some money in the first week and he is paralyses since. More than 24 month of video game, trolling on 4chan etc. He even live close to his parents house to eat at home and get support easily. Of course he don’t have girlfriend, even if he is rather a handsome boy and he had success in high school, girl smell the looser… he is bitter about girl now.

With my friends we try many thing to shake him, nothing work. He speak about realistic project like ramen shop, deviant art and even video game now. But he never take action, he never show us anything.

You can’t save people from themselves.


Don’t be too hard on your friend. You said he just finished studying.

It takes balls to leave everything behind and jump into the unknown. Or craziness, or a lot of money.

Plus Paris is everybody’s dream in rural France. Well, when you’re young anyway, and you know nothing about life.

Let him go there, see what it’s like (mostly shitty). Once his situation has settled a bit, show him the better stuff - at this point he will be motivated !


Personal life choices are… Personal.

You can sure have a talk and argue all you want, but to believe that you’re going to push anyone in any direction is a mark of youth and ignorance.

I know, I’ve tried… Too many times.

Work on yourself, you’re the only one you can save.