Ghost customer

Hi guys, I made my first sale a little while ago, but the problem is that I can’t even send the product to the customer. (I don’t have any information about the customer only his IP and card code).

On my test of payment with stripe, I had my email address, my home address. So I counted on stripe to collect the information.

I also have a mailchimp that doesn’t collect information on the order page.

I wonder if adding mailchimp + stripe on the order form could not cause problems?


I sell infoproduct with an upsell dropship.

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Sorry i can’t help mate, i never did any sale from frog or that type of tool, i am full shopify for the moment… Try to locate the customer with the IP adress maybe, if he is not ordering from his office you’ll be lucky.


Don’t move the money for now to avoid a refund. Try to contact him or let him contact your support. If he’s stupid it’s his fault.


Add your email adress at the bottom of your salespage so that the customer could contact you.

If he does, ask him the last 4 digits of his card, and check your Stripe dashboard to see if it matches.

Regarding the few informations that you have, you can’t do much more (unfortunately)


thanks for your time guys, i have disabled/ractivated stripe and mailchimp, is like magic it works, i can see the new payment.