Getting russian nationnality and investing in real estate


I’ve seen this video (in french):

My wife and myself are reluctant to go live there, not because of the harsh condition (we love snow and cold) but because we love the political stability and freedom in switzerland. We don’t want to go all in in a remote area whose survival depends on an authoritarian state, if they decide to cut electricity or coal supply in the winter you are dead, no roads, only helicopters and state owned railways and -50°C.

Anyways, in the video he talks about having a kid on russian soil. That would make the kid russian and the parents too. Is this true? If so, do you think it would be sensible to have my next kid while in vacation to Moscow to obtain the nationality (as a backup if the west falls) and invest in dirt cheap real estate in Vorkouta or other realy cheap arctic areas? The goal would be to not loose money for a few years with rent, then making money when the arctic develops and the prices skyrocket. That would also make a nice secondary residence when switzerland is too hot for my likings.

What do you think?


It works only if your wife is Russian

Or if you have at least a residence permit (I’m not even sure, gotta check)


Your kid won’t get it either

If the prices are that low, then why not

But no one wants to live there, so don’t expect to make money from it soon

Better see it as be a long-term, ‘just in case’ investment :slightly_smiling_face:

“Better see it as be a long-term, ‘just in case’ investment”

That’s the point, with 100k you can have 100 flats that would cost 500k each in switzerland, 10 flats that would cost 3 mio in switzerland or a mix of both.

Worst case the government abandons the town and you loose 100k. Best case the arctic conquest begins, flats cost half as much as they do in Moscow, with one year of rent you pay off everything including the diverse expenses and if lucky make a little profit. Years after that are just profit.

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I also had been very interested investing into such russian arctic cities after watching the video.

However I don’t plan to become russian to do so, but if any russian brother of DBL wants to create a real estate company in which DBL guys could invest into, i’d be ready to take shares into it (I don’t know if that’s possible).