Gentleman and work group in switzerland

Hi guys.

I hope that you are all well.

:point_right: So here is my idea : let’s create a gentleman / work group for DBL swiss members.

:man_office_worker: Work : let’s build a work group for sharing :

:arrow_forward: Marketing good practices

:arrow_forward: Honest feedbacks and tips

:arrow_forward: Motivation boost

:arrow_forward: Etc.

The goal is to grow stronger together

:tumbler_glass: Gentleman : let’s have some casual meeting with a good whisky and cigars to share quality time together.

It would be a perfect opportunity for :

:arrow_forward: Meeting people who are like us

:arrow_forward: Build strong brotherhood

:arrow_forward: Discuss about professional opportunities

:arrow_forward: Start business together ?

:mag_right: Who is concerned ?

Everyone that’s having a business (online or offline) can join.

Careful : we won’t keep people that do not have a real project. This is a work group for gentleman.

:white_check_mark: Moving forward : If you are interested, please send me your Telegram in pvt message so I can add you to the group.

Don’t wait any longer and sem me a message right now !

We have to represent the swiss community and make our leader proud !



Ps : I hope I’m in the good section for posting this… :thinking: please move me if it’s not the case. Many thanks :pray:

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Wait wait wait

Not that fast buddy

What did Jean Marie told you during the live today ?

You wait, you observe, you stay quiet for at least 2 weeks.

Learn the protocol of communication.


1- Add your G5

2- You’re motivated, you want to create a group, FINE. But you don’t do it like that, it has to be VALIDATED internally

Send your request to Charlie in PM

Hi Chick,

Thanks for the instruction.

I’m gonna do that then.

And I will send a PM to Charlie in 2 weeks to expose my project.

Have a good evening :wink:


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Hi Louis,

Thanks for your message, I’m also very interested in talking about Switzerland, how to find a job, which job are hiring, how it works, can I open an account and spend it in France easily ?

Actually I’m moving to German Switzerland in september with my GF and we really don’t know about the nice place to live in Switzerland, if you have any advice :wink:

Best regards brro

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