Gael_G3 Créateur de contenu numérique/ Digital content creator. 26ans

Good morning all.

After a while of simply and humbly observing what is happening on DBL’s side. Watch the many lives and upgrade, I introduce myself.

Delcroix Gaël alias Tacline, Internet content creator in the field of survivalism

I currently have my own website selling tactical outdoor survival equipment and soon a gun shop as well as a Youtube channel.

My goal is to offer citizens keys so that they can get by in risky situations such as road accidents, assaults, first aid or fires in order to prolong life.

Besides that, I worked in various fields of classic private security or reinforced bouncer in Bar, Ssiap, volunteer firefighters, first aid to civil protection etc. I am in the process of training in the arms and ammunition trade to be able to become a retail gunsmith.

I came to DBL To be able to join a community of entrepreneurs, of people who take charge and who work in a logic of exchange and sharing


Hello there


Before posting.


All topics and messages should be written in English.

French version is not needed

Switch G3 to G4

If you introduced yourself too late, you’ll stay in the current generation. It’s your fault.


Thanks you. I want switch my name in gael_g4 but it’s already taken.

Good night.

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thanks you very much !

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