Gaby - 23 yo - vfx artist


My name is Gaby, I’m 23 and I work in visual effects for cinema industry for three months. I’m mainly specialized on SideFX Houdini software which permit to produce high quality CGI.

I discovered JMC on TeddyBoyRSA’s channel several years ago and has followed him since that.

My main objective is to leave France. I’m actively looking for a job at UK, Canada or eastern Europe, preferably in a big company. In parallel, I want to develop an online business to monetize my knowledges and earn passive incomes.

My long-term objectives are to work for world the best visual effects companies, leave the rat race, live in a pleasant country and become financially free.

I’m here to share my skills with the community, to learn and join a local section.

Thank you for reading me.

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Welcome Gaby, you have a very original skills. Sounds like a lot of fun to work with visual effects in an industry that is experiencing a lot of changes :facepunch:

Thanks Chris ! Yes it’s a very passionate field which develops very fast in term of software, hardware and on-set technologies.