French (or european) companies in Saint-Petersburg

Hello guys,

As I said before, I am creating a forum for french people in Russia. As I can see that this project is quite long, it can last some time before I can earn some money with it (affiliation, premium programs…).

The thing is I am still in France and want to leave as soon as I can. I already lived in Saint-Petersburg so I already know the place and have some friends there.

That’s why I would like to live there but I cannot wait that my project is over. So I am looking for a French company or European company in the city to work in order to get a quite good salary.

Do you, guys, know a good website where I can find the interesting companies in the city and some job offers. Or maybe, you have some contacts who can help me with that.

Thank you bros for your help, Jordan


Go on Linkedin, in the Job section. Then type “french” in the first section and “Saint Petersburg” in the location section. You will see job offers that requires to speak french. I just did it, spoiler alert: there are not many. But at least there is one job offer for " Customer Service Agent (French and English)" at Weely. Good luck !


Hi Jordan, I’m on my way to Russia as well, so I wish you good luck! You can check out the Facebook group “Russes en France et Français en Russie”, they sometimes post job offers. Here’s one from March:

Bonjour à tous, Je m’appelle Antonina et je représente la société IT russe Naumen - l’éduiteur No1 des logiciels Help Desk & Contact Center en Russie. Je suis à la recheche des candidats pour un projet de l’étude du marché français des solutions Help Desk / Service Desk. C’est un engagement à mi-temps, pas d’expérience spécifique est necéssaire, le début du projet est ASAP en avril 2021. Si vous êtes francophones et vous êtes prêts à communiquer avec des clients français par téléphone, j’attends vos retour. Merci d’avance! Antonina +79261389785 (telegram, whatsapp) World class IT solutions fully adapted to the Russian market


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Thanks to all of you guys for your answers !


Hi Jordan I do live and work here in Saint Petersburg, though my company is not hiring and I my field of activity is anyway very specialised, узкий специалист. and the site for classifieds avito can help, as well as if you want to work as a French teacher for a start. 1500руб/час for a qualified teacher is a norm here in Spb.

Maybe you could search thru HR companies based in Moscow. I know two of them. Even if it has been mentioned numerous times, I wanted to remind you that knowledge of the russian language is a must.

Alexandre Stefanesco, he has a you tube channel, worthwhile to have a look at, his company :


Good luck and keep up the good work! Keep us updated.

Xavier :.