Freedom or Die Trying

Hello guys, as many of you have taken the initiative to create a diary, I have decided to do the same.

I chose not to call it just a simple diary, but « Freedom or Die Trying » because I see it as a journey.
The journey of building my future, get my financial freedom and expatriate.

And to lead that battle, I have 3 weapons at my disposal :

  • Photoshop
  • a mouse
  • two working hands

My plan ? Learn the job of graphic designer, from ZERO to MASTER.

I start from almost nothing. No diplomas, no technical skills, no capital. I am just a self-taught “handyman” on Photoshop. Only my willpower will determinate my fate : stay in the western shithole and mentally DIE here or flee to the East and survive.

From now, this topic is a written proof and a promise to myself.
And I will not have the choice but to honour it.

See you soon brothers.


Aloïs is a humble person.

Even though he never took a graphic design course, he has surpassed my expectations on every job he has done for me (a good 20 jobs done for me so far).

I’ve worked with many graphic designers in the past but never has a job been as clean, neat and professional as Alois’.

I recommend him for logo design, personal branding design, sales page design, mock-up etc…

In addition to doing a remarkable job, his professional attitude is an aspect to be underlined because too often neglected. He respects the DBL codes and goes above and beyond to satisfy his client.

His prices respect the workload he does and allows to quickly make a return on investment.

I am not afraid to say that I would never work with another graphic designer than Alois.

Here is my review after working on many different projects with Aloïs over the past few months. He is THE person to trust with your graphic design work, I’ll let him show you his impressive portfolio.


I’ve always been impressed by your skills and the effort you put into your work. It’s genuinely pleasant to watch.

I have no doubt you will succeed. Best of luck in your endeavours, see you on the other side of the iron curtain.


I’d like to coax you that GIMP is better because it’s a FOSS but the damage is already done.

Anyway, I wish you you’ll keep on being as good as your clients say!

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UPDATE 26/04/21 — :moneybag: MY FIRST EUROS ONLINE !

Last week I TOOK THE PLUNGE : it was my first week taking care of orders.

I’ve been working on creating visuals for a DBL member.

:arrow_right: The objective was to recreate, from pictures taken from different sources, 18 visual pieces for his training course, and everything needed to be homogeneous. (here is some of them)

I really enjoyed the drill, and I improved my technique so much working on this.

Objectives of the week :

  • Create a graphic identity for another DBL member’s online business + design his sales page
  • Officially launch my services on 5euros
  • Edit 1 video for a Youtube Ad campaign

See you ASAP !


UPDATE 02/05/21 — :hammer_and_wrench: BUILD AND STABILIZE

Evening bros.

This week was exhausting. I had to deal with work, family meetings and administrative stuff, but who gives a fuck ? I’m here to talk about MONEY.

Aloïs, how much money did you f****** make this week ?

Well, not much.

But still, I worked my ass off :

:ballot_box_with_check: I have been focusing on the editing of the Youtube Ad, and finished it. (took me 4 days)
:ballot_box_with_check: I have completed the creation of the visual identity of a bro. (I may share the results soon when the sales page is finished)
:ballot_box_with_check: Launched my first service on 5euros (still waiting for acceptation)
:ballot_box_with_check: I completed a small order of 30€

Keep grinding guys,
See you ASAP.



Evening bros.
These last 3 days have been productive.

I need to improve my time management though: (hi there Time Domination) I can easily disperse myself with too many tasks to do.

Anyway, this week I have :

  • Completed one design mission for a DBL member, thanks to the DBL Pro catalogue, and concluded a partnership for the future
  • Done an acting mission on a music clip
  • Trained my design skills on Illustrator

:moneybag: Total earned this week (until now) : 150€

I am starting to see water in the end of my “desert crossing” .

Keep grinding,
See you ASAP.


UPDATE 13/05/21 — :seedling: REAP WHAT YOU SOW

Hello bros, I hope you’re doing well and get closer to your objectives.

It’s been a busy week for me, I am starting to see the results of all the efforts I have been putting in for months.

:arrows_counterclockwise: These 7 last days, I have :

  • Mostly worked on a big order of mockup redesign
  • Made the visual identity of a client’s product and a sales page to promote it (still in progress)

:fast_forward: Next :

  • More orders to come
  • Keep practicing my skills

Keep grinding,
See you ASAP.