[FREE GIFT] Never get tired anymore thanks to my new book about sleep!


Hi brothers,

After 9 monthes of preparation… Hundreds of hours of work… Over 20 books read in every detail… 7 reviewers… 2 designers… 5 freelancers… Let me proudly introduce my new book : The Sleep Formula.

When you speak about health, you hear about nutrition and sports (and it’s right), but never about sleep which has a huge incidence about your health. By the sleep you get the energy in your day, and the performance in every way of your life. This is what the book is about : how to sleep good ? How to still have the maximum of energy and keep it troughout the day ? The full answer is in my book.

The book is available in ebook and in paperback.

And you know what ?

The book is FREE for you as you are in DBL ! How to do it ?

Buy the kindle version (8,90e) and send me a PM on my telegram @Dr_San_G1 with a proof of buying and your paypal adress and i’ll refund you within the day.

I will ask you in return, as a win-win trade, a nice comment when I’ll ask you to do it.

Here is the link of the book :

I can’t wait to know what you’ll think of the book.

Best regards,

Dr San


Salut les frérots,

A l’issue de 9 mois de préparation… Plusieurs centaines d’heures de travail… Plus de 20 livres écorchés dans les moindres détails … 7 relecteurs… 2 designeurs… 5 freelancers… Je vous présente fièrement mon nouveau livre : La Formule Du Sommeil.

Lorsqu’on parle de santé, on évoque la nutrition et l’activité physique (à raison), mais jamais le sommeil, pilier fondamental d’une bonne hygiène de vie. Du sommeil dépend toute la vie éveillée, le niveau de fatigue et donc de performance tous domaines confondus. Ce livre y est intégralement dédié : comment bien dormir ? Comment avoir un niveau d’énergie optimal tout au long de la journée ? La réponse exhaustive, sous tous ses angles, se trouve dans La Formule Du Sommeil.

Livre disponible en format eBook (kindle) et broché !

Et vous savez quoi ?

Le livre est GRATUIT pour vous comme vous êtes dans DBL ! Comment faire ?

Achetez la version kindle (8,90e) et envoyez moi un MP sur telegram à @Dr_San_G1 avec une preuve d’achat et votre adresse paypal et je vous rembourse dans la journée.

En retour, et pour avoir un marché gagnant-gagnant, je vous demanderai de bien vouloir poster un bon commentaire sur le livre, lorsque je vous écrirai pour le faire.

Voici le lien du livre :

J’attends vos retours avec hâte !

Dr San


I bought his Ebook and sent a screenshot with a message stating that I am from DBL.

I was reimbursed promptly as agreed.

No problem, guys.


I got it with my kindle subscription and will give you a five star (after reading) How much money Amazon give you with for one kindle subscription download?

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Thanks Alexandre ! I am payed wit h the number of pages that are read. For the reading of the full book, its only like 2 euros or something

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I’ve just ordered one !



I’ve buy this ebook today and i received my cash back only 5 minutes after sent a message to Dr San!

Thank you Dr San

(J’ai bien eu le remboursement comme promis pour ceux qui lisent pas l’Anglais ou comprennent pas mon Anglais encore médiocre :sweat_smile:)


just bought it, don’t need the reimbursement as it can change your life if the book is worth it.

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I just saw your message ! Thanks a lot for your gesture man I appreciate it a lot !!

A high qualitative book ! I bought the paper version.

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I would have prefer giving you all the money rather than to Amazon but I bought it by mistake in 1 click.

Anyway I will do an update on the book once I have read it (it may take some time).

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“L’homme moderne qui se coupe de tout ce pour quoi il est fait rogne aussi sur son sommeil, comme si sa vie éveillée n’était pas déjà suffisamment remplie.”

Shit you killed me bro!

Just finished it, and I must admit it is an excellent piece of work. Everyone in this group should read it, maybe Corda could promote it as it is really a plus for the community.

You just need a proper marketing to sell it but I am pretty sure you could sell as many copies as Le charme discret des intestins (which was sooo boring btw compared to your book).

I am waiting for your next book on food/health!

Well done for your work

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Hi, Thanks a lot for your compliment. Comparing my book to “le charme discret de l’intestin”, which I personnaly liked a lot, is a great honour !

I am currently working on a mail and a video to send it to different influencers to promote the book, as I consider, indeed, that it could help a lot of people with this under-estimated subject that is sleep.

My next book will probably be about nutrition, which is my favourite subject. My first book about seduction was 120 pages long, my second book about sleep was 250 pages long, and I can guarantee that my next book about nutrition will probably reach 400 pages, or at least 300+ pages. But it wont see the day untill at least 1 year. Patience is key :wink:

Thanks again !

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maybe 300 would be sufficient, 250 was perfect I found, not too long nor too short!

Indeed. But there is more to say about nutrition than sleep (or at least, I have a lot to say hahaha)