Fred_G4 - 28yo - 7-figure Dropshipper x Facebook Ads


I am 28yo. In my past I was an engineer sales-assistant in a trading floor. Then I choose time over money as freedom was and still is my main goal. So I decided to quit my job in Geneva to come back living with my mother in Paris, learning dropshipping and Facebook Ads.

I am now mastering it and had generated 3,5M in sales.

I also run a marketing agency, we make insta Reels for brands, or optimized conversion ads for Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, check out my topic about it: Next Level Marketing ! We make videos for your ecommerce

I met my amazing Brazilian girlfriend in Lisboa 4 months ago with who I live now.

  • Reason of your arrival ?

I escaped France to live in Lisboa Portugal. I also want to connect with conscious and business-focus people. I like the discipline teachings of JM, not only about business but also health and lifestyle.

  • Long and short term goals ?

Short term I need to set up a new company in a low tax country and to find a new place to live, safe from the new world order deadly communism 2.0. No long term goal for now, I can’t project myself in this world.



I am currently expatriated in Morocco but I want to go to Malaga to visit the Gibraltar, if I pass by there we can meet. I also managed a marketing agency, especially in the recrutement part to automate the prospecting and management.

I have a training that accompanies you step by step to create an offshore company and expatriate to a place with low taxation but a beautiful country.

Of course it was not made by a tax lawyer but by a serious person, and you can use it as a basis for orientation. If you want I can send it to you in private.

Anyway welcome to DBL my brother