Four classical music playlists to improve your life

This is my first forum post and I really wanted this post useful to the community.:bowing_man:

So here are four classical music playlists that serve as an introduction to this style of music, energy gain, calm return. The effect of music on the body and the brain is no longer to be proven, so I will immediately present the 4 playlists :

-DBL Classics: This is the introduction playlist that summon up iconic songs from this field.

-DBL Powerful: Here you find transcendent concertos and musics. I use this playlist before going to sport for example.

-DBL Major: This playlist brings together some catchy, happy music that helps me in the second part of the day to regain energy.

-DBL Minor: Conversely, this playlist is much ca lmer, more melancholy and soothing. From time to time I listen to it in the morning to stay calm and concentrate but also in the evening to facilitate the night ritual which I find less easy during the summer when the sun goes down later.

I chose classical music because for me it is the purest music’s style and the test of time has left only traces of geniuses in this field. Moreover, by taking an interest in this area, I almost felt a « duty of heritage » and transmit. Today I only listen to classical music except during my sports sessions.

Hope these playlists are useful to you, they are only available on spotify and I will enrich them over time. And so, do not hesitate to submit suggestions to me. I discussed it with an excellent pianist friend at the Lyon Conservatory who validated the construction of these playlists and gave me ideas for enrichment.

If you are listening on other platforms let me know and depending on that I will consider reproducing these playlists on other platforms.

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