Forget Whatsapp, Signal, messenger > Go to Session

Hi Bros,

I want to share with you the application Session. It’s like whatsapp, messenger or Signal but in Session, we don’t have to give any information (phone number, mail, etc…) > nothing! It function by the crypto blockchain OXEN (before it was called LOKI), the security is higher than the others messaging apps.

Sorry the article and the video is in french, but Session can be found in english easily (the project OXEN is Australian).

You can find me on Session with the pseudo Alexandre_G4 or with my Session ID : 0598d8cfdc3a195fa1a00f62400095956df7b32a1f61053cc559fc40e0a3293e0c

It’s like crypto adress and your account have the same security system than a crypto wallet.

Have a strong day bros!


Some people don’t know the problem about the other platforms so I write a quick message to give them a better understanding.

What is is the problem of Whatsapp and Messenger?

They are own by Facebook and contains spywares. They aren’t opensource.

What is the problem with Telegram?

Telegram is cloud-based and nothing is really encrypted except with the “private chat” option.

What is the problem with Signal?

Signal is centralized and don’t encrypt metadata. Edward Snowden say it clearly: the companies/governments don’t care about your message, they care only about the metadata.

The metadata is who talk to who at what moment. It’s clearly more exploitable for a robot than human language. With your metadata, the government know you talk to who at what moment.


Hey bro,

Have you heard of Tox? It’s another solution. Here’s a link to an overview of this application Grazer Linuxtage 2019 - Tox, secure open source P2P communication - YouTube. Let me know what you think about it.