For the newbee book writers: If you write like a slave, you will stay a slave!

Hi, I’m warning you. It’s gonna be rough and painful. But You should read this carefully.

With the creation and development of DBL, has appeared a wave of guys who want to write their own book and sell it. Most of the time, you do it because you have a good level of expertise, so your content is interesting.


I’ve already started to read 3 books of members of the community and not one of them was well written.

  • Orthograph or ponctuation mistakes everywhere!
  • Pour vocabulary
  • Pour writing skills: Lack signs that you are addressing yourself to your lectors and not writing for yourself.
  • Serious lack of pedagogy.

The big problem here is that if you’re starting your business with that, I don’t know where you expect to go.

To be short:

If you wright like a slave, you will stay a slave!

I told you I’m gonna be rough. So now, if you have the lucidity to recognise yourself in what I’m saying, you’ll know that you can’t keep on selling your book anymore. You need to calm down and rewrite it.

Now I put this topic in “BUSINESS” for a reason.

I’m gonna make money out of your analphabetism. Starting from April, I’m gonna make you an offer, and you’ll have someone highly qualified reading, correcting and advising you on your book.

I’m a teacher and this is one of the main things I teach, so you can rely on my pretty brain.

Now if some of you has the skills to do the same, right to me in private and we organise that business.

Love you guys. Not sorry for my roughness. It’s love and you deserve it.



Here’s some job for you if you’re interested.

Do you really mean wrighting/wrighters? As we could almost use ‘‘write/writers and writing’’ everywhere.

Either you want to say the book writer or the one that build it… :robot:

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thanks. Huge mistake. I correct it right away!

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It looked like a troll as you were pointing out the guys writing with mistakes etc

Anyway they are writing books so it’s pretty different :wink:

Take care and keep up the good work!

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