For a non DBL active who match the homeless leader prerequisites how to convince him to be one?


I would like to convince someone to be a PM leader for a homeless group,

But what is it for him ?

What are is benefit by being coach ?

I’m not in DBL yet just on the waiting list so please excuse my ignorance,

Thank for you reply

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Hello Friend,

at DBL, discussions are written in English, it is the law. The advantages of being the leader of a group of tramps are manifold.

  • You develop community mutual aid relationships (this is the basis of this forum). And the day, when you too need help on a subject, the community will be kind to you.

  • You start to work in a team.

  • You combine your authority on a profitable area of ​​expertise (copywritting, dropshipping, mailing, crypto, whatever …) and you can cite it to sell yourself even better afterwards. It is better to be the leader of a small troop than to be a single soldier. If you are alone, you die even if you are strong. Subsequently, you can pay the ‹ ‹ tramps › › of your group to advance on your projects if they are more and more efficient.

All virtue pays off. Be virtuous and you will be lucky, opportunities will present themselves to you.





Thanks for replying and telling me the rules it will start taking effect right away,

I understand for the benefice,

Will wait the re-opening of DBL and try again

Warm regards,



First, please change that username. It’s not serious.

Also note that you have to contact silvio ( to register your homeless group. But you’ll do that only when you’ll join the next generation, not before.



Your username should be easy to pronounce and instil respect. Example: Oliver_G3

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