Florent - G5 - Internet business

Hello gentlemen,

I’m Florent, a 36 year old man, working with Internet for more than 10 years. I’m married, with 3 kids (only boys).

I recently discovered JM Corda thanks to an interview he made with Enzo Honore and learned about DBL. I found the idea of this community really interesting so I decided to join it. I also learned that there is a place on the forum to find skilled workers like copywriters, which is also a thing I was looking for.

I am not planning to move abroad untill my kids are grown men, except if shits get even shittier in France (I’m living in a place far from any big city, so I don’t face the problems that most of French have to face daily). Reading the topics on this forum will probably help me decide better where I’ll move in a couple of years.


Welcome Florent :slight_smile:

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