Florent_G4, 30, construction/business

Hi brothers,

I’m Florent, 30 years old, businessman and married.

I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia for 5 years.

I’m a sole trader in construction and I run a business reselling goods and services as a side hustle.

The past 3 years I’ve got certifications in marketing and human ressources management and I currently study business management at university level.

I’m doing well in life already but I knew I could do better if I had more discipline, and it the reason why I’m a DBL member. I discovered JM and his morning ritual, then after more research I’ve seen that this community has the same values as I have, so I signed up.

My long term goal is to relocate in Thailand (my wife being Thai) but I need to be able to make online money first, thus my short term is to develop an online business to support myself and my future family.

Alright I think everything has been said. I’m looking forward to know you all. If you’re in Sydney or around don’t hesitate to PM me.

See ya bros


Welcome bro !

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hi florent, i am actually live in thailand for the last 16 years and i was doing great with ecommerce, now start to be quite difficult with this bitch pandemia.

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Hi @daweed

Please introduce yourself first



Just enough, so that we understand where you come from.

  • Title of your topic: username or actual name - age - sphere/job
  • Age / Activity / Material and dating situation?
  • Reason for coming?
  • Short-term and long-term goals?
  • Add your generation marker to your username

If you introduced yourself too late, you’ll stay in the current generation. It’s your fault.

Hi, what should i write as a generation marker? i still on waiting list


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Don’t put anything since the doors are closed.

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