Flavien-20-Computer science student

Hi, I’m Flavien, 20 years old, computer science student.

I can’t say that I’m in a difficult financial situation, I have a girlfriend and I’m really happy with her, always supportive and really clever.

I’m here for some reason, I want to escape this rat race. I will start my 3rd year of study in computer science, I like it but, I want to make money and not like the system want me to do.

I’m also searching for a community like this because I feel like I never really have a family except my mother… As long as I can remember I never has a stable family situation and people to be myself with. So maybe here I could find what I’m looking for.

During the covid in France I realize that I’m wasting my time, I was alone, without extra money, only what I need to survive. I want to be comfortable in my life. I can’t lie I want to have a lot of money to help whoever I can. So before my 30, I want to have 1 million euros in my bank account. Before that, in short term, I’m looking to make my first euros on internet, I already failed before but I’m not discouraged.

Thanks for reading me, I hope I can bring something to the community :slight_smile:



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