Flatsharing DBL villa 🇲🇪

Hi guys,

I’m really happy to write this topic today.

You are lucky to be on this post because you clicked to know what this is about and maybe it’s the opportunity of your life.

I arrived in Montenegro a few months ago and I really fall in love with this country. I decided to settle here definitively and today I suggest you join me by renting together a high standing villa.

Here you can find a very good apartment not far from the sea for 300/400 € per month, by the way, here’s where I write this post :

The advantage of collocating in a villa is that we can share the price to live in a place that we could not have rented otherwise. Also, we will be able to have a very good entrepreneurial dynamic and this will allow us to bring together experts in different domains to conquer the Bay of Kotor, then the whole country.

Also, this will allow us to enjoy life together and the many activities that we can do here (rafting, hiking, ski, diving, spearfishing, cycling all possible and unimaginable sports, etc. (don’t forget, Montenegro is heaven and you can do EVERYTHING here)

Ps : Here, all prices are very accessible and you can live almost without counting your money. Ps2 : Even though it’s a shared apartment, I want to have a big house so that each of us has privacy

I will not describe Montenegro to you again, but if you want informations, I invite you to contact @NikoMontenegro-G2 and go to his Youtube channel > Français Monténégro .

Moreover, Niko knows his subject extremely well and can answer all your questions about Montenegro. He can also help you with your expatriation into the rules of the art (creation of your company, consulting, help with the purchase of a house / apartment, etc etc.).

I organize and I take the responsibilities of this project because I am convinced that I would find serious and motivated guys (maybe you).

There are two of us already on the project, and we would like to be 5/6 maximum, the goal is that the monthly rent is for each of us between 300€ and 450€ (for the house of your dreams).

We have not yet defined which villa we will choose, but we will see this and move from July 6 (2021) and it’s for long term renting.

The place where the villa will be is the famous Bay of Kotor, and more precisely in the municipality of Tivat or on the almost-island of Luštica.

This place is strategically chosen because it is in the center of the country, it is the most luxurious place in the country and we have a lot of light (unlike the city of Kotor) !

Here are some examples of what we can get :

Example N°1 - Example N°2 - Example N°3 - Example N°4 - Example N°5

I don’t put everything here because there is a lot of choice and even houses of extreme lust (Example - Don’t be fooled by the price it’s on AirBNB)

If you are interested in this collocation in Montenegro and want to know more or know there are still places available, you can send me a message here or on Telegram at @maximenepote. If you opt for a turnkey solution offered by @NikoMontenegro-G2, tell him your wish to join the villa and I will get in touch with you.

See you soon guys, we look forward to welcoming you here !

I go back to my pool.


We are waiting for you guys.

See you soon


Too asocial to join this house but I’ll gladly be invited to the BBQs. Cheers!


Nice topic, I add it to the DBL World Map.

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:star_struck: … shit ! You makes me want to be part of this. The first one is amazing.


Great topic.