Finished university, I’m an engineer! What now? Need advice!

Hello everyone,

A few months ago, I finished studying and got an engineering school’s degree in computer science. I have been living in the Czech Republic since early 2019 and have just changed jobs, from a small company to a big German corporation.

I have achieved the goals I had set for myself for 2017-2020, which were:

  • Leave Frankistan and move to Prague
  • Finish my studies
  • Get a B2 level in the Czech language
  • Get a job I like with a salary of around 3000€/month
    • In the Czech Republic, this is the top 5% of salaries (all ages)
  • Get situated in the Czech Republic: friends, doctors, women, social activities, etc.
  • Get a real flat - and finally leave the student rooms I have used for so long
  • Learn real, proper discipline and start doing the power day every day
  • Get rid of addictions that have plagued me for as long as I can remember (video games, porn, etc)

I am proud of what I achieved, but I am wondering where I should go next. Working in a company means that I only have to work for them from Monday to Friday, leaving Saturday and Sunday completely free for me to do whatever it is that I would like to do.

Here are a few questions I am asking myself, and if you could provide me with your thoughts, I am sure it would prove most useful.

Question n°1: is working as an IT engineer in a big corporation worth it?

I happen to be good at a kind of programming that most programmers rarely use, which is functional programming. This means that I am quite valuable on the market and can negotiate higher salaries than other fresh graduates in computer science.

My current job lets me work in home office (regardless of quarantine), which means I am free to plan my day how I wish. I can wake up early and use the deep works to do higher quality work than my peers, meaning that I should be able to rise up the ranks relatively easily.

However, working as an engineer for a corporation has its limits. My salary will most probably rise slowly - on average only once a year - and will never get into amounts judged “unreasonable” by the corporate world. I don’t see myself asking my boss for 10.000€/month anytime soon.

Do you think that spending energy to make high quality work in this company is worth it? Or maybe it would be better to only do the bare minimum, and use my deep work sessions to do something else, on the side?

Question n°2: what would be a good thing to do on weekends?

I never liked taking holidays, especially if that is to spend said holidays staying at home and not doing anything. No matter what I decide to do in regards to my company, I am ready to work every Saturday and every Sunday. There’s a slight issue: I have no idea what I should work on.

I started following Tugan’s classes two weeks ago, and it seems to me (please tell me if I am wrong) that it mostly focuses on how to do things rather than what to do. I am not a creative person - I am good at solving problems and making things work - but I am not good at all at getting ideas on what to do.

I guess I could lend my skills to someone else, but I would rather be an entrepreneur than a consultant or a freelancer.

Here are my skills:

  • Experience with more than 20 different programming languages
    • Capable to quickly adapt to any kind of developing environment without requiring outside help
    • Can write clean code that makes sense, works, and is easy to maintain
  • Experience with:
    • Linux administration
    • Setting up and maintaining integration between different platforms (REST API)
    • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, information retrieval
    • Coding video games
    • Version control systems
    • Salesforce development
  • Proficient in English (C2)
    • Can translate, proofread and write native-level English
  • Good level in Czech (B2)
  • Good sense of what is « beautiful » - can make stuff and not have it look ridiculously ugly

Any idea of what could be good to do as a guy with my skill set?

Thank you very much for your time,


Do not hesitate to contact me if one of those applies to you:

  • If you need help with something computer science-related
  • If you want to know more about the Czech Republic
  • If you need help with your English or want to proofread a document you wrote in English
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