Fight scam back

Hi Bros.

Long story short: I get scammed online. I want revenge. My story can benefit to all of us so please read it.

Ordered a screen on that never arrived, the website is pretty well designed, very good scam I must say ( :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: since the world is so small, if it’s one of you bros behind the site, congrats and let me know we’ll talk it out). The company is appearently based in Ireland. They never answer mails and the contact phone does not work. My bank shall pay me back the loss but it’s not the point. Ive lost time and energy with that shit, I see my loss as an investment now. I want big money or atleast new skills and knowledge outta this investment. Im already trying to gather victims of that website, to increase our strikepower.

Im talking here to the persons who get scammed and wants revenge, and to you guys who have talents in law procedure buisness, hacking, scam buisness, e cetera. I want to know who is behind that website, and make em pay as much as possible. Make em pay for real, and fast (I mean faster and more efficiant than what UE laws propose) Maybe you guys have some experience and advices for that.

What’s in it for you and for the group? It is a perfect opportunity to increase your own power and dbl immune system. How many of you get scammed one day? Or your family or friends? How horrible it is being stolen and not being able to do shit? And more important WHAT TO DO WHEN THAT HAPPEN? If we can answer that last questions, everybody will benefit from it, and DBL will be stronger.

I believe It can even inspire a new buisness type. The FIGHT-SCAM-BACK buisness. Imagine the possibilities online nowadays if we can developp efficiently and smartly that idea. Thanks for your time bros. Cheers


To be honest the website is pretty bad designed and optimized.
First point why I wouldn’t have bought on it.

  1. No TVA or society’s informations showned in the footer.
    An other strong point of a scam

  2. Trustpilot reviews are all about “scam” for this website.

I don’t need anymore point from there even if I see some more.
It took me 30 seconds to check it and know I would get fucked from it.

Don’t lose your energy into fighting them. They are too powerful.
Especially when you get your money back.

Just learn to recognize it. Take your lesson and move on.


Thanks Manou for your answer, yep Ill be more carefull in the future. Still think there is something big to do.