Fearless_momo Freelance software engineer

(je fais la presentation en anglais, si on me le demande je traduirais en francais)

Hey my name is Mohammed, I am french born in Bordeaux

I am 31 Freelance software engineer.

I am living in Shanghai (China) since April 2016

I discovered JM Corda from his interview in Marketing Mania’s podcast.

Since then I subscribed to his youtube channel and enjoyed many live uploads.

I like the spirit: I feel a very strong life energy in the way JMCorda communicates. Coming from a migrant family (as my name suggests) I am a bit annoyed by the sometimes (almost) racist remarks he makes about white people and the other. But I am not here to judge, I am here to learn. There is also a lot of truth in what he says.

I will cherry pick every knowledge I can get as long as it makes me stronger smarter and happier I don’t need to agree on everything.

I recently purchased JMCorda’s full pack. I will take the necessary time to view all of it and I will not hesitate to share my remarks and questions in the forum when I have something to say.

My objective in the long/short term is to:

  • increase my work capacity (not only be more efficient but also have the energy to spend more time working)
  • increase my income by becoming an entrepreneur along with my freelance activity
  • improve my temper: be more peaceful and charismatic
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Hi Momo,

:small_blue_diamond: I can sense a lot of energy and motivation in your presentation. Good karma too. I’m sure you will find what you seek in this forum and community.

:small_blue_diamond: We are not here to judge or follow everything like sheeps do, you’re right. At high level, everything must be shape to your personal need.

I am sure you understand that very well.

In a word… Welcome ! Jipé

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