Facebook Switching to META - The END?

Many of us dislike the Zuck & mostly/only use Facebook for business purposes.


And why wouldn’t we ?

  • Centralized platform

  • Censorship

  • Misinformation

  • Dated

  • Web 2

The thing we have to remember is :arrow_heading_down:

Defi world (Crypto & NFTs) > Outdated world (FB & Twitter) > Legacy world (TV & old school media)

Web 3.0 > Web 2.0 > Web 1.0

In other words, Bitcoin > Facebook > NYT

Now where’s the good news ?

Well, we can clearly see a mass adoption pattern by web 2.0 giants.

  1. Facebook is becoming Meta

  2. Twitter is going to implement profile pic NFT verification

  3. TikTok just launched their first NFT collection on IMX

  4. Visa bought a Crypto Punk

  5. Christie sold Beeble’s NFT for 66M

All signs are showing a MASS ADOPTION of the general population (more or less 3B people) in the years to come…

However, web 3.0 requires a lot of infrastructure, builders, creators & resources to be built up. The more resources are being throw into it, the quicker it will grow. (FB already announced they’re planning to spend 10B for Meta), it’s huge for web 3.0 at this current time, but you can be sure it’s going to be a lot more than that in the coming years…

Tech giants know they are just a trend, and a down-trend at that point for most, especially for FB. They also know the ONLY way they can survive & live on is to take down their “centralized” walls.

At the end, it always comes down to the same thing…

GET IN EARLY :rocket: