Fabien, 30 years old, sports coach and FDPH

Hello everyone! Glad to be part of this community My name is Fabien, I am 30 years old. I currently live near Montpellier and I am a sports coach in a gym.

It’s been several months that I’ve been training on marketing with Tugan and I finally took the decision to join DBL. I am no longer in agreement with everything that is happening in France.

My goal in joining this beautiful community is to become a financially independent man, a free man, balanced in all areas of his life, and above all living with people who think like I do.

In the short term my goal is to earn a decent salary with the business I’m setting up. Then leave France as soon as possible and devote myself to online business.

Looking forward to exchange with you and to go further all together!


Welcome Fabien

Please translate the title too.