Fabien, 28 yo, mind osteopath and author

Hi BDL bro’s :grinning:

I’m Fabulous, 28 yo, mind osteopath and author of the book “L’ingrédient secret de la réussite”, appeared in TV media like FR3.

Mind osteopath, what is it ?

Sometimes, entrepreneurs feel blocked, like an inconscious force inside us which prevent them to move forward. For me, it’s the principal cause to struggle in business, it causes procrastination, impostor syndrome and other perfectionnism.

I help them to identify the root of the block, eradicate that cause and grow their business, according to their “true nature”. That is the job of the mind osteopath i am.

I love extreme experiences in life, like chamanic quest (4 days without drinking and eating, alone in the forest), vipassana retreat (10 days of meditation, 10 hours/day, total silence), fasting, mushrooms…

I created my first online business in health in 2015, then i tested several business to finally focus on coaching and support, 'cause it’s my genius zone, easy for me.

I want to be the best on my domain and i love to identify the secret reason why people struggle in their business and life.

I’m also investor in cryptocurrencies, gold and a little bit real estate. I’m in relationship for 6 years with a nice girl.

i’m here because I feel a powerful energy here, to reach freedom, I want to bring my experience in business and personal development, and practice my english too.

My short term goal is to develop my online program on procrastination (for people who have tested everything) with the best method I know. I want 50 members in this. I want also develop my done for you agency in funnels & copywriting for solopreneurs who don’t like work on this, because they prefer to practice their passion.

Then, in a few years, i want to buy a land, build my own house and develop my food independance.

At long term, I want to revolutionize human consciousness and bring to million people some skills and tools to stop fight against themselves and develop their inner authority.

In that way, i believe the world will be more peaceful and pleasant to live with.

Thanks for your attention,

Keep mindful.



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