Fab - 21yo - Fashion Designer

Hi bro’s,

My name is Fab, i have 21 yo, i’m from paris.

  • Situation :

I’m a fashion designer and i finish my studies.

I have an apartment in the city, I live alone.

A few concubines from time to time, but nothing serious.

  • My project :

1. I need to make money form the internet and started my business, not in france of course.

2. My buisness project is to creat a brand of clothes. Mainly the mens suits, womens tailors and the evening dresses. Because you like to see your beautiful wife when you take her out to the restaurant, she also like to see you well dressed, right ?

3. So my long term goals are to invested in constructing buildings, houses, apartments, in order to generate passive income to have times to work on other projects.

  • Why i’m here ?

I am here to propose my services and skills which will be at the level.

I need advice, tips and supports.

I appreciate the vision of domination by love.

I also came because I have this need for communitarianism.

  • PS :

I do my morning ritual and I have been organizing my time for a few months already. The results are fucking impressive brother.

I have improved my productivity and concentration.

I already like a lot more every day after getting up at 5:30 AM.


Wassup @Fabz_G4

This is NOT enough


Just enough, so that we understand where you come from.

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  • Age / Activity / Material and dating situation?
  • Reason for coming?
  • Short-term and long-term goals?
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If you introduced yourself too late, you’ll stay in the current generation. It’s your fault.



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