Expats in Asia - Let's connect here!

Hi Folks,

I’d like to make an inventory of people on DBL who already took the plunge to expatriate in Asia, or who are (seriously) planning to. Things are vastly different around this continent, and traps are plenty. One can use a little solidarity.

For my part, I’ve been staying for a cumulated 2 years in Thailand, mainly in the south and a little bit in BKK. I’m familiar with basic VISA stuff, work regulations, and your usual VISA-run hell. If you’ve got any question about the Land of smiles, I’ll do my best to answer them, using my limited knowledge.

PS: and FYI, no, I know nothing about katoeys, sorry.


Hi Stan,

I’m in Taipei, I just arrived two weeks ago from France and I’m about to be free of my quarantine. For now I have the ARC so I’ll stay at least few years here.

Feel free to ask if you have question about Taiwan and expatriation here.


Japan here! :wave:


Hi Stan,

What do you mean, culturally, administratively, both ?

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I am in China for 10 years now.

Feel free to ask me anything if you need. I will try to answer you. I can explain to you how is the life here. Maybe I can help you to take your decision.

Have a good day.


Hi Freddy,

thank you for your message.

I would actually be pretty interested by some real-life report about life in China. To be honest, I’ve been until now a bit put off by the mainland chinese people that I’ve come across while in Thailand. Very different from our french chinese!

That’s a pity, cause I totally fancy chinese girls :star_struck:

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I would like to expat to japan, but i think it is realy expensive

I can eat pasta all day for 3-4 month, time to lanch my internet buisness… How many money you think i need for this ? with 5 mettre spaces and only eating pasta ? :stuck_out_tongue: (i need a safe place no countryside)

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When I lived near Ikebukuro, I paid about 60,000 yens of rent (guest house with 7 m² for me). Food is expensive in Japan, even pasta (because it is imported). In my opinion, you can “survive” with 100,000 yens per month in Tokyo.

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It takes 5 million yen to have a business visa. for expenses we are actually around 100,000 per month for tokyo. For food it’s more rice and egg than pasta if you want to eat the cheapest. I also have a project to settle in Japan

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I think it would be more easier to make a space for asian country into the “international section”. With a dedicated topic for each different country. What do you think about it ?

If I have a good memory we already have :

  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

Buisness visa ? Ok but how to go for 3 year for exemple and normal visa ? There is other visa ?

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Japan have very strict immigration policy, so you can’t stay 3 years like this.

The easiest way for a first move in Japan, is to do a working holiday visa for one year, which you allow to work in Japan.

Then change for another type of visa like student, working or Business.

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Before talking about visa I have 1 question :

Do you speak Japanese ? What is your level ?

Japanese people are like french people with English. So expecting to live in this country without knowledge about the language, the culture, the history is like you arrive naked for a food contest.

Manga is not the only things ^^



I am in Taiwan too. I am in Kaohsiung city (Southern Taiwan). I saw the live today of JM Corda. He mentioned that you’re looking for the members in Asia. So I am back on the website to show up. Send me a pm.

See you!

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i am actually live in thailand for the last 16 years


Hi Malrock,

great, where are you located ?

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hi stan, chonburi province near pattaya and u ?

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Hello @Vincent-G2 and @cyril_G4

I visited Taiwan for 3 weeks last year and fall in love with the country.

I am planning to move there for a while but because I just stayed for 3 weeks I would have some questions. If one of you is willing to give me some answer, pm me :slight_smile: Thanks in advance