Expatriation YES but with a real project

Hello I am writing this post because I receive requests regarding expatriation in Bulgaria. But this post concerns all expatriation in general.

First of all before you expatriate you need a real plan and a real source of income, that is to say:

  • Online business income (minimum € 500)


  • A local job

  • Passive income FROM YOUR CAPITAL, which belongs to you

On the other hand, whatever happens to leave you need:

  • 1500 € savings to make the transition

  • English B1 / B2 minimum

:warning: Because if you want to come to any EU country you can stay for a maximum of 3 months. Otherwise after you will have to leave or obtain authorizations. (complicated when you have no income or jobs)

Then if you are unemployed and you think it is a good idea to move, ask yourself the question, which real estate owner is going to rent you his apartment?

No one. You will have to take several months of Airbnb which will cost you the same as a French rent.

:uk: If you plan to improve your English when you leave, be aware that without context here, you won’t be speaking to anyone. Without a job you will not have local contacts, without an Erasmus-like program you will not have any contact either. So learn English online on the right platforms.

:cowboy_hat_face: Then hoping to succeed in 3 or 6 months is a nameless arrogance. You have a 9 out of 10 chance of failing, what makes you think you are better than the 90% of other guys in the community who can’t yet?

Second, when you invest or manage a wealth in a position where it is survival, when you are dependent on your money, it is in this kind of case that we can make shitty decisions, which 'we act urgently and burn all our capital. It is my opinion, it is the opinion of Thami Kabbaj and Théophile Eliet. If you are successful, so much the better, but be aware that rapid success is speculative in terms of the chance of success.

DO NOT LIVE / CONSUME YOUR SAVINGS TO COME. Protect yourself and keep your savings in a real emergency. We are going through the crisis of the century, just to remind you.

Here is the advice of Thami Kabbaj which is excellent in terms of capital, investment, dropshipping is also concerned. SCARED MONEY NEVER WINS.

So please bro, yes put pressure on yourself to succeed or get out of the way, but with a concrete project.

Being a worker is not SLAVERY if you have a project if you are smart working in eastern countries can offer you great opportunity and give you better skills ! I repeat again if your business does not work FOCUS ON EXPATRIATION so take a job and build your plan progressively.


Once again :

WE WILL NOT ALL SUCCEED AT THE FIRTS ATTEMPT. But there are different ways to earn a living to be free:

  • Freelance

  • Big capital invests with interest (save FUCK)

  • Employees and savings several years before living on their investments.

There is no quick road to wealth. Get that out of your head and come back to earth.


This message simply means, do not sell the skin of the bear until you have killed it. It is simply a call for caution.

Small slap in the face again but obviously necessary.


Merci pour cet éclaircissement @OlivierG2

C’est nécessaire

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Merci pour ce topic Olivier :+1:

Partir seulement avec ses épargnes, c’est vivre avec un faux filet de sécurité. Il faut que la machine soit déjà en marche.

Exact, on n’apprend pas une langue à l’étranger si on n’a pas déjà des bases solides (je sais de quoi je parle).

Les cours d’anglais DBL sont justement pensés pour ça : en 3 mois, vous êtes prêts à l’expatriation.


Thank you for this reminder Olivier, business is not the only way to earn money and rise socially

You can take up positions in big companies and become a manager or director, the DBL discipline allows you to do this

Whether you have skills or not, French speakers are sought after and well paid

Make your choice but don’t delay