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Hi guys,

My girlfriend and I are very interested about expatriate ourselves in Slovenia. Unfortunately I don’t see any topic about this country on the forum.

Why is that ? Is this country too « leftist » for DBL members ? Is the local taxes too high ?

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Hi Yoann,

I’m living in Italy at the Slovenian boundary, I often go to Slovenia for alpinism, but I actually don’t know well this country, and since the covid the confines are always closes. It looks to be a nice little country, is made of little but sharp mountains called Julians Alps and so nice valleys.

I hope I will be able to response at your questions.


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Thanks for this first answer, I was afraid of dying alone in my topic :sweat_smile: Do you have any idea of what are the restrictions in Slovenia ? How people deal with this pandemic there (mindset) ? Are they as hysterical as french about it ?

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I went to Slovenia once. I went mainly in the rural part. Basically it looks very quiet and very peaceful… Maybe too quiet and peaceful? Looked a bit boring :sweat_smile: You should go there during your holidays. Visit the city! :grin:

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:joy: :joy:

Here (Italy) everybody say that in Slovenia they don’t care about virus and they don’t wear masks, they say the same of Austria, I think it’s not totally true, but there is a part of true. They protects themself closing confines, but I think inside the country they are free, they don’t look hysterical people as said John :

It’s a very rural country so they can have less restrictions, I have never been to Ljubljana, I don’t know what it is like, maybe they have more restrictions than in rural areas or maybe they don’t care about covid :sweat_smile:.

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@JohnBernie_G1 We plan to go for a holiday but I’m worried about anti-covid measures to go there by plane. Future is so impredictable… And by car it would be a too long trip for our infant :baby: :baby_bottle:

@Marco_G2 I’m looking for a sparsely populated country, with many beautiful and natural areas. Also very tolerant toward gun policies. Slovenia seams to be the right choice for this.

I really would like to have the opinion of a member who lives there :pray:

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