Expatriation question


I’m fed up with France and I would like to move abroad but I’m currently investing in France in real estate, and I would like to know how much money it takes to go abroad to live properly?


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Hi Killian,

Your question is way too vague!

I assume you understand that the cost of living varies from country to country

Let’s say you want to live in the Ukraine. It will cost you a lot less than if you want to move to Australia.

Just explore the #domination-by-love:expatriation part of the forum or check a website such as Numbeo.

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Hey Killian,

You should check the expatriation file here on the forum.

I am currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria where you can live decently with 800 euros per month and find a place to stay in less than a week.

You can check some articles Olivier has a telegram channel about Bulgaria and gives tips on the pros and cons of being an expat. You can find the info here.

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Thank you for your answers!

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