Evergreen University: National-sociology and non-binary fun

Ok guys,

In these time of Capitol storming I think we all deserve a bit of fun.

Here’s a video about the « progressist » university of Evergreen.

At one point I couldn’t even breathe. This is very very funny (and also sad and instructive).


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Do you check it recently ?

I know that case since a long time ago.

My love for the modern humain is gone since a long time ago.

We have to get a very, very, VERY HUGE power for protecting ourselfes and after going on a crusade against these heretics

Be brave brother. May The Great Lord bless our holy struggle.

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The university still receives subventions from the state of Washington. Like it’s said in the video, the number of students keeps on falling down. A lot of teachers have resigned from the school and sued it.

Weinstein seems to say that he has observed this Ideologic movement mature in Evergreen and progressively spread to the whole country (and the world, as we know).

Actually, this was very funny for me in the beginning. But I’m slowly realising that this movement has all the assets to give birth to a totallitary world domination system.

  1. It is the dominant point of view in our society.
  2. It has control of the intellectual spheres
  3. It is structured as a totallitary system (no freedom of speech, brain washing strategies, segregationist system)
  4. It pretends to know what is unquestionably « true » or « good ».

We’re fucked.

It’s already to late for expatriation if you live in France. And even us who live in Switzerland should go soon!

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