Escape Hell - Will you take the red pill of Expatriation?

Let’s get straight to the point of this topic, I’ve got one question and one answer for those of you who are living the socialist dream in France, with a shitty job and probably even shittier relationships, trying to escape the new religion of Covidism :

What stopped you from moving out of France last year ?

And 90% of you will probably say “well i didn’t have enough money”

I was in your shoes, and to escape this awful situation I tried to launch a few little businesses but nothing went as expected. I didn’t do crazy amounts of money, I didn’t have enough money to get a new formation like the PM from Tugan, 0 income with entrepreneurship after a few months, my bank account kept :arrow_heading_down:, no job and a stupid “communication” 2y diploma in my pocket (no value on the market tbh)

What worked for me was to get a job, the only thing I absolutely could not accept when I first tried online businesses. My Nemesis !

But, let’s be real for a minute. When I started working I had just enough money to put gazoline in my car, I worked 4 months as a cashier and 2 months in a foundry. clearly disgusting jobs, YES, but that paid me enough to escape the hell France became. Those shitty jobs paid my plane ticket. So it’s ok if online businesses are not made for you, it’s ok if you’re not a succesful trader or a millionaire dropshipper today.

You can accept that a certain job or business isn’t for you right now, it’s called being rational and mature. But sometimes you have to take the money where it is, because you CANNOT accept to live in mediocrity for your whole entire life.

So take the maximum of cash you can, and leave this shithole as fast as possible. Our expat brothers already told us that it was kinda late 6 months ago, that the situation could only get worse, and it did ! I took action, I got some cash and left this country.

But did you ?

And will you ?

For those of you who are trying to get expat, keep in mind that after the announces from our Great leader, Emmanuel Jupiter Macron 1er, a lot of people want to leave the country. Therefore Olivier from the Bulgarian section might be a little bit overwhelmed and will probably not respond to everyone. But Bulgaria is not the only country to go as a French expat who wants to work.

Now if you wanna get out, try to get in touch with our expat brothers from Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia etc… See what kind of opportunities you have, and if you’re still looking for a long-term viable investment/business, maybe you can also get in touch with our brother and DBL Referent Charlie_G1 to find the type of business that would suit your personnality :

I wish you to get out of this situation safe and sound, and not to get the “Holy Jab”.

Love you bros <3