Erwan - 31 Years - Freelance Project Leader / Developer

Creator of several IT companies, ranging from startup to web agency.

In love with technology and digital nomad, I have been able to create and participate in many digital projects, especially in IT and information systems.

Computer science, guitar, tennis and personal development are some of my passions.

Eternal student, I am thirsty to learn and to meet new motivated people eager to contribute to a better world. I hope to be able to participate in the collective intelligence of this community.

My goals are to relaunch my growth and have a successful business that responds to my intrinsic values ​​which are freedom, creation, harmony and fantasy.

Short term goal : Launch a new online business of digital product (formation)

Long term goal : Be financially independent, travel all over the world to realize my life project

I hope to be able to bring my contribution and my expertise.

Thanks for reading me. See you soon,