English Youtube Channels

Hi guys !

This is my first topic here.

I want to add more English content to my Youtube channels.

Can you suggest some interesting English / American Youtube channels for me as a comment. Please specify the youtuber’s niche and explain its content in 2-3 words. (eg : Paul Joseph Watson (politics). He is an american dissident who describe actuality facecam).

I am open to any type of youtube niche.

Hope this topic helps other dbl members.

Have a good day.


Neil Patel (business and SEO) : He is THE reference of the SEO

Nomad Capitalist (economic system analyses, ecemics advertises)

Thinking Crypto : THE channel if you want to know the actuality in cryptos

Prager U (american political analysis)

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I suggest you oversimplified, it is an humouristic/historical channel.

I suggest also Kurzgesagt, an scientifical/social issues channel

The both are easily comprehensible.

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Only YouTube:

  • Andrew Kirby (self-overcome)
  • Days of French ‘n’ Swedish (learning a new language)
  • iamLucid (nofap)

LBRY & YouTube (better):

  • mental outlaw (online privacy & Linux)
  • Rob Braxman Tech (online privacy)
  • DistroTube (Linux)
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Biaheza: Social Media Marketing, Trading ect…

DBLBreakingNews : Your bros are reviewing the news :wink:


It looks very interessant. Thank you.

There is already a topic in the forum (but some channel are in french)

If you like history : History of the east : WW2, 1941-1945


Personally I like very much these 5 channels :

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