End of Paiement without 3D Secure option

Hey guys

As you know, Europe will make 3D secure Mandatory for everyone selling product online. JM talked about it in a previous Live.

But I didn’t know that bank will also block customers so they can’t buy.

This morning I received this message from my Pro bank “Qonto”

“De plus pour des raisons de sécurités, nous avons mis à jour en ce début de mois de mars nos restrictions pour les sites ne détenant pas la 3Dsecure, passant de 1000 € autorisé à 250 € (prochainement 100 € en avril).  Les paiements dépassant cette somme seront automatiquement rejetés et d’ici mai 2021 , les paiements en ligne sans 3DS ne seront pas acceptés.

That’s mean that my bank will not allow me to buy product or services if the seller does not have 3D secure.

I will ask the same question to my personnal bank account.

If you are making business online in Europe, be sure to have 3D secure option for the customer.



Thanks for the heads up!

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You are Welcome

Credit Agricole Told me they dont have information to share about this topic yet.

Qonto called me after my message and I ask why. They said its mandatory from may in Europe to have 3D secure and to block paiement without 3D secure option.

wait and see