Elias beggar and writer

Hello everybody.

I am Elias, 22 years old.

My background is quite simple, I’ve been trying to conquer the world from home with online business for 4 years now.

About my study, I tried 3 different ways before I realized that it was just not for me. The education system is too long and gauchist for me.

Currently, I am an infopreneur in the topic of self-discipline. I’ve already made a few sales, but that’s not enough to live on.

That’s why I became an SEO writer. I hope to be able to work with and for the community.

My goals in short: make some cash and go to Hungary. I wish to leave because neofeminism, multiculturalism and communism are not really part of my values.

Glory to DBL! Glory to the king of the dwarves!

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Hello Elias,

write your presentation in english please.

Hi Elias, welcome to the community