Educate our children


I came across an interview with a preparatory class teacher who explains the causes of the deadline for French national education

the video is in french I find it very informative. We can be inspired by it to know the mistakes not to make to educate our future children.


Thank you Adrien for this interesting piece of information. Nice discovery !

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The scholar system in France is archaic. I don’t know about eastern Europe. In Switzerland, the scholar system is evolving. More and more, teachers are starting to use new pedagogy methods and to really teach. The problem is that the system is hard to change. So most teachers and school directors know that the system is fucked up, but they keep on following it like slaves because it would be to hard to change it.


Hello I m not totally according to you I know the french system is out but some teachers try to change ( whithout sucess sometimes ) and deliver a good formation but the problem come higher whith the direction completely out

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Yeah, I don’t see the video

However, I know the French society after 1968 is down. State, school, teachers, parents. All of them were not aware about the fall of the quality.

Because, it is not the generation who is fighting in WW2 or Indochina, and we replace by a generation of communist who promote Mao’s ideology, into our schools and internal policies.

Our generation, can and must change the world, but the problem is… who will winner ? I can’t promise we’ll win, but the best solution, is to avoid this crap to our children.

Realizing the dangerousness of the Western school on brains and freedom …

It is also realizing that if you are on DBL it is because the indoctrination did not work completely.

It is the hope of being able to evolve between emancipated people who will come back to sweep all this shit.

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The problem here is that you are talking about a highly complex concept, which is education (and cognitive sciences), while having pour knowledge about it.

Yes of course. And some of them can even go far. But the problem is way beyond.

What’s done in schools have always been very retarded in comparison to what cognitive science and educative methodologies teach.

As you were younger, most of you have already made complaints about how what you learn about school has no sense. Everyday, somewhere in the world, a teenager asks his teacher why are maths for. And almost every math teacher answers agressively because he’s clueless.

Cognitive sciences teach us that giving sense to our learnings is one of the first thing we should do. When I give a maths lesson, I don’t wait for my students to ask. I ask them first “Why are we learning this?” And we search together. The result is that the students memorize 10 times better what they learn because they know they learn it for a reason.

This was just a poor example of how schools systems lack of knowledge impeach them to teach well. And I have dozens of these kinds of example. Poor use of socioconstructivist systems, no working on self esteem, no attempts to construct a positive representation of knowledge, learning or school, … You name it!


On a sidenote, I’ve been looking for resources about parenting. All I’m stumbling on is unbearable post-68 - Dolto bullshit (especially in french), which is still wreaking havoc on current generations.

Any book recommandation on the topic ?


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Neuroscience research aren’t well transcribe in education method, but if you want to dig in this research you can start with these 3 scientifists: Alain Prochiantz : Biographie - Processus morphogénétiques (2007-2019) - Collège de France Stanislas Dehaene :Stanislas Dehaene - Psychologie cognitive expérimentale - Collège de France Frank Ramus: some lesson here Les sciences de la lecture et de son apprentissage - Psychologie cognitive expérimentale - Stanislas Dehaene - Collège de France - 02 octobre 2006 14:00

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