Dropshipping beginners: Get customised packagings

Hi bro, if you’re a beginner in dropshipping, if you’re already making sales and you wonder how to get customized packaging, I can give you some tips.

First of all, I have to mention that I’m making only 2/3k € CA per month in dropshipping.

But I’ve found some ways to get customized packagings with my brand logo and I know there’s a lot of beginners that are wondering how to do that. This will improve your customers satisfaction and avoid some extra customer service.

1 : Send a message to aliexpress suppliers directly and negociate.

Here is my template that allowed me to have custom packagings from my actual supplier :

“ Hello,

My name is [your name] from [your company]. Our owner asked me to contact you about working together in a potential lucrative business venture. We’re a [your niche] dropshipping company that does around 500 000€ in sales each year. We’d like to introduce ourselves and express an interest in creating a profitable partnership.

What we are looking for is an agent that can provide us some services for a win-win partnership.

here are the services we needed :

  1. White label and high quality products

  2. Have our brand logo or brand name on these products

  3. Personalised packagings with our brand logo or brand name

  4. Fast delivery services

  5. Sourcing new products

I would be grateful if you would contact us with the answers to the above questions.

I hope that we will be able to start a mutually beneficial relationship.

Thank you,

[your name]

Commercial agent

[your company] ”

2 : Use applications.

I’m still testing these applications so I will just mention them here.

CJDropshipping (free app) www.cjdropshipping.com : Corean company I think, it’s an aliexpress alternative that allow you to order customised packagings directly and source aliexpress products.

uDroppy (paid app) www.udroppy.com : It’s globally the same as CJDropshipping but european, more user friendly than CJ but more expensive. I think it’s the best app to be very professional and create a real brand.

I could give you other tips but for the moment I am not legitimate to give you advice, as I’m not making enough money.

So I will talk only about customized packagings for beginners. Do not hesitate if you have questions and please, post your questions in this topic for the benefit of others.

Good crossing of the desert to all, be strong and disciplined.



Hello Bastien, have already tried personally udroppy? If yes could you be more precise on different points better than Aliexpress or CJdropshipping?

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Hi bro, no I didn’t personally try udroppy. For me, it’s not better than Aliepress or CJdropshipping, you can have the same services with all these platforms. The point is that with uDroppy, if you want branded product and fast delivery you can directly pay for it. So if you want to launch a brand and you have some capital it can be interesting.

But I will not talk about something I didn’t try, I just mention these platform because I know that they offer services for dropshippers. And if someone in the community has tested them, it can be interesting to have some feedback and discuss about it here.


Personally i think that CJdropshipping is really better than Aliexpress, because you can directly create a packaging for your product, delay for shipping are better even if it can be a little bit epensive. in general i find CJdropshipping more serious than Aliexpress. Just one negative aspect for CJ you had to pay more (so expensive) for new pictures on a product. No problem for udroppy i think i will test very soon.


Yes, I think you’re right and that’s why I’m actually testing this app. I think I will soon migrate all my products to CJ.

For picture, you can just install this extension and you’ll be able to right click on the pictures of your product to make a search by image on aliexpress. Then, you will have access to differents pictures of your product.

When you made a photo request on CJ, do they made professional and unique pictures of your product ? Like can you choose the model, background etc… ?

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Yes i know this extension, for pictures you can choose the model, you pay to get rights on pictures. I’m not sure but in my opinion for the price (about 100 dollars) you can choose angle, background and type of product.


Interesting, thanks for the informations bro. I’ve made my first test order on CJ today with custom packaging, will see… Do you make money with your shop ? And do you use only CJ ?

Yes a little but it’s not my main business for now, currently i use only aliexpress and CJ but i would like to deal with european suppliers to improve my delay for shipping.

You still can buy from chinese suppliers and import products into european warehouse to improve your shipping.

I think you can do that with CJ. And the good thing with uDroppy is that you can do the same but you can also create your own product or customized existing products by buying in bulk.

So at the end, you just create a brand, you’re not in dropshipping anymore.

Yes it’s a good idea but for now i just wait to see my bestsellers to avoid to have loss or to reduce them.