Dropshipping affiliation : 15 % commission

Hello guys,

I’ve been doing dropshipping for a while now, but I don’t have the results I hoped for (I’m doing SEO).

So now I would like to try affiliation (actually I already did a bit of it) to boost my sales !

If you are an influenceur, if you have an e-mail list, and so on, please answer to this post.

My dropshipping site is on shopify, and i’m using goaffpro, which is an application allowing secured transactions for affiliation (you won’t get scammed). If you go on my website, you will see a link to sign up through goaffpro for affiliation, you just have to follow the steps, it’s very simple.

Usually, I give 5-10 % to my affiliates, but since you are my DBL brothers, I will give you 15 % 🙂 (15 % of the turnover, not the profit, so it’s more money for you).

My typical customer is a man, aged between 16 and 45 years old, and who wants to show his masculinity/virility.

I’m selling rings, bracelets, necklaces and temporary tattoos.

If you think your audience could match my target, tell me, and I will tell you the precise niche, the domain name, and so on.

I hope I will read many answers soon 🙂

  • One or more functional links (Don’t throw your affiliate link, don’t waste our time, otherwise it’s a direct ban).

E-mail : quentin.12-07@hotmail.fr

Forum DBL : AlexandreJules_G4

Thanks for having read to the end.

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