Double down my directe sales channel

Hello Brothers

I’m an oyster farmer, south of France. I run my company alone for years but I’m about to hire one full time employee. And to paid him, and paid me more (and work less to get more time for other project), i need a new sales channel !

I’m a street vendor, i bought my company with a point of sale in front of a farmer shop (open from October to April). The performance were correct but stagnate for a decade. In fall 2020 i started to use numeric marketing, i made my website, paid some Facebook boost, with help of @Alison_G4. My sale increased by 50%. At this point my Facebook page, open for years, had only 200 like.

But i knew it wasn’t not good enough, i knew there are still potentials customers who don’t knew me. I needed to find them. I also knew that many customer forget me and i needed to make them remember they need my products.

In summer 2021 i start working with @Sebastien_BeaupiedG5, specialist for physical business. Yes it cost me money, but my summer activity increase by 60%, so every euro he take give me at least 5 euro of net margin.

I keep working with him for the winter season, he make real Facebook ads campaigns, boost my Google My Business SEO. I added news products to be more attractive, took more good photos to enjoy my customers. I discipline myself to post more on Facebook and IG to maintain the interest my customers. @BaptisteLeBrave_G3 help me for my banner, calendar and display.

Now i more than double my sales figures. I have more than 1000 followers on Facebook. I think I’m close to the maximum potential of my current catchment area.

Now it’s time to double down.

Thank to my website and visibility in the social network i gain some social capital (after years of struggle) that allow me to find 2 new sale point in front of the same kind of farmer shop.

These new locations are 50km away of the first one, on each side of a 3 time bigger city, so in long term the potential is even better. I know the profile of its customers, i know the local mentality, i know they are many waiting me. Some asked me to come in their city, and one give me the contact to one of the new shop.

With @Sebastien_BeaupiedG5 we work on a very ambitious Facebook ads campaign and a precise Google My Business configuration to rise these new points of sale to the moon before Christmas.

My plan for the future

My plan is to make mimetic profit with my selling system. if we succeed, i will open other distributions channels with the same strategy. In the same area there is still at least one rich and big city i want to conquer.

As soon as the system will be mastered, i will just need to hire more people and increase the production capacity of my company. In my business many competitors will close in the next five to ten years because they don’t find buyer (children are too lazy or prefer to be salary men). Opportunities will multiply, i just need to be ready (=have cash to get the best pieces).