Don't be a slave to your private life!

Hello to all,

most of us (if not all) earn our money on the Internet. And the Internet is not a trustworthy friend: it is a mercenary who offers its services to the highest bidders. Currently the highest bidders are the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple). The Internet offers them countless information about countless people, starting with you!

No, I’m not an eccentric conspiracy theorist, but we know for sure how users’ personal data can be used. So protect yourself! I propose you at the end of this post a website that lists a maximum of OPEN SOURCE tools that can replace those of the GAFA.

So sure, the use of these tools is not as intuitive and synchronized as the Gmail suite for example, but with a bit of will and habit of use you will get used to it quickly enough you’ll see!

It is advised to use these tools for your personal use, for your professional use the GAFA are more powerful, it is the price to pay.

For my part, it’s the Batwarden tool that has changed my way of working and connecting to my accounts! A real time saver and a real protection compared to the Google password manager!

And I’ll end with this sentence: "What’s the point of going abroad to escape a communist country and its oppression when you live as a slave to big companies that sell your privacy?

Have a nice day !

The website: PrivacyTools


Hello Gaby,

I totally agree with you ! :nerd_face:

For my part, it’s the Batwarden tool…

I think you wanted to talk about Bitwarden that is an Open Sour Password Manager.

Let me add some other privacy tools I always use (_I’m often on the DN… but shhh this is a secret :shushing_face:)

Email : This is important for protecting ourselves to use a good email box. ProtonMail.

End-to-End Encryption

Anonymous Email

Open Source

VPN : This is one way to surf anonymously on the huge waves of internet nowadays. ProtonVPN

encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later

Web Browser: Useful to access on the web civilisation. Brave for me but you might also use Tor or DuckDuckGo.

  1. Does NOT monitor and create profiles of their users or browsing habits.

  2. Do not collect user-identifiable data, browsing history, or IP addresses.

I hope you will find some tools you need (or maybe you already know them :smiley:)

Have a nice day !