Discover... KABLivres!

Imagine, a service that would save you money and time. That wouldn’t be bad, would it? Well this service exists, and it’s just come out…

Let’s avoid long speeches and get straight to the point. After several months of work, let me introduce you to KABLivres.

This is a platform which proposes to authors (maybe you?) to promote their books under the condition that they put it in reduction. As a result, readers registered on the platform have access to hundreds of books at discounted prices and sometimes even completely free . Here is a small picture to better understand:

What’s in it for you ?

As a reader

By creating an account on the platform, you will receive an email twice a week in which you will be offered 4 books at an exclusive price that you are likely to like.

In this way you save both time (not having to spend 30 minutes looking for your next reading) and money (you will literally receive unique opportunities in your mailbox).

As an author

By creating an account on the platform, you will be able to add your books to the site’s library. Therefore even without paying anything you will already be automatically promoted.

Then, if you want to boost your sales, you can use one of the 3 unique services offered and send your book directly to the mailboxes of hundreds of people (285 registered on 23/02/2021).

Thanks to this, even if your sales don’t explode, your visibility will increase which will easily reinforce your authority in the field of your book.

And what do I risk in the worst case?

As a reader

Nothing. The only thing that could happen would be that I would start spamming you with emails every day, which won’t happen.

Two emails a week with premium and relevant content. That’s the only thing you’ll get from me, so no, you’re absolutely safe.

As an author

You don’t take any risks, the platform does not contradict classic publishers or e-retailers such as Amazon even if you are part of the KDP Select programme. This is because KABLivres links to the existing sales page of your book.

Indeed, it is not possible to sell books directly on the platform but this avoids legal problems as it is only about Advertising.

“And why are you doing this topic?”

If I make this topic it is not only to offer you such a clean service, you already know that nothing is free. The answer to your question fits in a picture:


Like Youtube, it’s a content business. The more content there is, the more money I will earn and the better the offers of books you will get.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take this opportunity or pass it up.

Make the right choice and see you soon brother! :wave:

Click here to register as a reader and here to register as an author.


If you have any questions about the project or if you want to provide free help or paid one, please contact me with DM or with the email :

I have to improve many thing such as the FAQs but it’s required feed-back ! So you know what to do next now :facepunch:

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Hey brother, just registered as an author and deposited my new Ebook : “La Voie de La Richesse: Les 3 Secrets Oubliés d’un des Pères Fondateurs”

I really hope that your business idea will thrive, and would also be interested in knowing more about the way you promote books. I hope that you will find a lot of readers and content creators.

Thank you for the opportunity and good luck !

(Also, is there a way as an author to give away my book for free to your readers in exchange for amazon comments ?)

By the way, your web app is really well done.


Hello Yohan,

Nice idea, it will be quite useful for me in the next months. I added this thread to my favourites, in order so I’ll come back to you later with my finished book. I can’t wait to be there :grinning:

Wish you the best.

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Hi Antoine,

Thanks for you registration. To promote books, they are 3 ways for the moment :

  1. Promoting the book on the website (for example he will be present on the main page)
  2. Sending it with others ones in an email
  3. Writing your own email to sell your book to the readers

Currently, I have to rework the copywriting for the services for authors and nevertheless, to promote the project to both readers and authors :arrow_forward: so if you want to become a member of the project and make huge gains send me a DM right away !

Finally in order to answer to your question “is there a way as an author to give away my book for free to your readers in exchange for amazon comments ?”. Yes, it is possible ! This is one of the main goals of KABLivres.

On that, have a nice night,


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Hi Yannick,

I’m gald that you like the project. I hope that your book will be dealing with a huge sucess (thanks to KABLivres of course haha :wink:)

Stay strong during your D-W session :mechanical_arm:

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